Timetable for groupclasses fall 2017 is here

As much as we hope that you all indulged in the exotic cuisines of far away places and chilled on sun kissed beaches, it is also exciting to have all of our members back and come share those memories and stories with us.PT Service has grown into its own little community over the last years, giving many of us a feeling of belonging.

Not only did we share the health and fitness part, but also learned so much from one another in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, we organized charities to raise money for those in need, connected on a personal level and built bridges across any cultural backgrounds which without a doubt was an enriching experience for each and every one of us.

As we are now getting ready for the grand opening of our new location, we have decided to extend our group membership offer even further.

What makes our group sessions different?

We do not have a commercial concept for our joint sessions.

We see every one of our trainers as an individual with his or her own special interests and abilities and therefore decided to build our group trainings on the experience and knowledge of each trainer.

As an example:

Jack, our ultra marathon runner will be offering his high impact/cardio class ‘Jack attack’,

Thorbjørn is going to continue with the mobility training (and yes, we are still trying to talk him into using his yoga teacher qualification to add some yoga classes, too)

We will also still be offering the successful glutes/abs/core classes with Ruben as well as our popular stay-fit training.

We also added new classes that will start the first week of September.

To give you a short introduction:

Myra used to run her own Pilates studio in Rio de Janeiro. She joined our team offering specially designed Pilates classes for pregnant women but also regular Pilates and Postnatal Pilates will be part of our program.

Benjamin is our Krav Maga instructor and will offer a weekly ‘strike force’ class.

Abir, you may know her already from her Belly Dancing classes, will start a ‘Step & Burn’ cardio workout and, last but not least,

Linda is sharing her expertise in the ‘Get inspired with LK’ sessions.

Timetable for fall 2017

What can you expect?

We try to keep our joint training small to be able to focus on each participant’s fitness level as well as to ensure that technique is always given highest priority to avoid injuries and to be able to maximize the results. Our group classes consist of usually 4-6 members (max.8), meaning the groups are still small enough so that every member can benefit from the focus and attention of his/her personal trainer.

Once we see that a class is getting very popular and is filling up, we add additional timings.

How does our group membership work?

We have extended our group membership offer as a special ‘Grand Opening’ opportunity for you to experience us for a whole month without any binding and completely for free.

If, during this first month, you decide to join us, then we give you another 50% off on your 2nd month.

Our regular monthly fee for the group membership is 1000kr, which will then apply from the 3rd month onwards.

If you wish to learn more, contact

silvia@ptservice.no or simply come over and join one of our group sessions and become part of the PT Service Family.