The day after the grand opening

For the last five months we have been up in isolation at Lagårdsveien 77, building the new ‘PT Service II’.

Originally the establishment was a media center for different oil related companies and we had to start by changing the 900 sqm office space with the end result to turn the area into the biggest Personal Training facility in Norway.

Walls were torn down and new ones built up, colors were picked and the best equipment we could get, started to slowly fill the place. Friends and family offering helping hands and advice surrounded us.

Yesterday was the big day to celebrate the grand opening of the Personlig Trener Service II.
Half an hour prior, we sat there in anticipation and there was nobody…
We started to be afraid that our estimate of fifty persons attending would be a little high.
There is something about building things like this: it’s not a set model and it’s done with a vision revolving (and evolving) around those we know and what we believe and hope people will like.

It’s different and its extremely personal.

Waiting for reactions and responses by those that came for the opening was a nerve-wracking feeling. For five months it has only been the closest around us lifting us up and things have been busy but safe in a way.

We would have never in our wildest dreams expected this day to turn out the way it did.
Our Facebook event page informed us about an approximate amount of attendees, but then the doors opened and people began to show up left, right and center. We quickly realized that the expected ‘50’ was a very modest number. Benjamin (Krav Maga and one of our PT’s) calculated that about an hour into the event there where eighty heads inside the studio at the same time – everyone with a smile on their face and enjoying tapas, music and the good atmosphere.

Shortly after opening our doors, the place suddently started to fill up.

At 5.30 the large studio started to fill up with big and small to join Myra’s Pilates class, an hour later we found ourselves on the other end of the facilities for a basic deadlift technique introduction with Loyd and last but not least, the evening ended with a Krav Maga self defense training with Benjamin.

Pilates with Myra right before it started

In the meantime, on the other side of our premises, even PT Roald took advantage of the face painting offered by Sham Jaff to turn himself (much to the entertainment of the kids around) into a Hello Kitty, matching his mis-matching socks (for those that know Roald, you will know exactly what I am talking about), while others learned more about the new App Requestify ™, that was launched during the event by Laura Lewis. A tool that enables everyone to be part of the music playlist (except of Jørgen, he’s not allowed) 😉 and help make training even more fun and social.

Smiles and happy faces

We are still in awe of how many of you showed up.

I personally lost count after two hundred and I had to disappear into the kitchen a few times to gather myself. It was just too overwhelming.

Déjà vu Stavanger, as well as friends and family helped us cater for all our guests and suddenly, out of nowhere, two hours before the opening someone even delivered two red carpets.

Deadlift technique with Loyd

You may remember one of our statements from a recent interview:

«Our vision at PT service on a professional level is to deliver the highest quality PT Services through the highest competency & produce measured results for every customer. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone can be social and connect. We actively support local organizations, clubs and new start-ups, as well as charities. We bring people together. We train on a ‘human level’, where exercise is more than health and body image, but a tool to connect.»

Now, looking back at yesterday’s event we can proudly say, that we felt the love and connection and support of all of you helping to make this event possible.

A very special thank you goes to Christel, who worked day and night preparing for this evening and who put her whole heart into every single detail.

The hero Christel Diamantonis with Anthony

We thank all our guests for taking the time to attend, for the generous gifts and flowers, your words of wisdom, positive energy and encouragement, your smiles and hugs and all the laughter you shared with us.

There has been so much love during the process and so many people that wanted this to succeed that when we finally sat down after the grand opening yesterday, we felt truly blessed.
Building this the way we did could only be done by love.

We are all smiles today and will continue to work very hard to deliver back to this amazing community we have been blessed with.
Help us grow, help us nurture and support each other and keep up the spirit.

The PT Service Team