Meet the PT’s – Therese Dahl

What do you think was the main reason/influence to get you to choose what you are doing today?

I have always loved working with people and always had a great passion for exercise and nutrition. When I had the opportunity to combine these two, the choice was not difficult!

What can you do for the customers?

A good workout is something you create together, and at the customer’s terms.

I will help make the exercise fun, but challenging. I can provide diet guidance, arrange training and food in relation to the individual’s daily life, as well as give tips on fun animals you can follow on Instagram.

Your previous achievements -personally and professionally?

The first time I was on stage (bikini fitness) was a giant win. I went home with a position just outside the final spot, but had managed to stand on stage in a lap belt and a bikini that any grandmother would cheer over. That gave me a sense of victory.

Further, I have worked with some rather challenging cases among young adults and children. These young warriors have been creating many proud moments.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

A happy person with many balls in the air, who always thinks the glass is half full.

What are you proud of?

My first truly proud moment was when my mother bought me a saddleback, a fat and old welsh horse with the name Zella.

I was around ten at the time. It was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen.

Another very proud moment for me was when I got my bachelor degree in child welfare education. Getting a hand in hand in bodyfitness was a big moment too.

Fun fact about yourself most of your friends wouldn’t know.

– I always eat with a teaspoon! Soup is a terrible time consuming process and avoided if possible.


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