Meet the PT’s – Roald Pedersen

What do you think was the main reason/influence to get you to choose what you are doing today?

Over the years I have worked in a wide variety of roles. I’ve mudded myself in the dirt with children, greased my elbows as a handyman, journeyed in the arctic as a sales agent and hosted all kinds of individuals in the nightlife.

Trough trial and learning I’ve come to realise I want to work with people, on a personal level.

Combined with my passion for training, working as a personal trainer with awesome coworkers at a startup business is perfect. I could not be in a better place.

What do you aspire to?

Now that I have landed my dream job, I want to become as good as possible, so that I can help others reach their goal.

I also would like to compete in powerlifting and eventually win some competitions. That would be really cool!

Your catch phrase?

«Being cold is an excellent time to become better at freezing»

I also follow a guy named Simon Sinek. He has a good one; «Show up not to prove, but to improve»

What can you do for the customers?

Being a good listener, figure out what the client actually want, and why. Then we can set some smart goals that we can work towards! I will bring alot of positive energy to the floor, helping the client having fun while executing our action plan!

What are you proud of?

Good question, I’m not really a proud person, but if I had to say something it would be that I have developed myself from the person I was to the person I am today.

Because of it, I’ve gotten some great opportunities to work in two different companies with the best of colleagues, doing what I love.

Your previous achievements -personally and professionally?

I’ve never lost a friend (or job) and I’ve never made an enemy. Ohh, and one time I managed to give hugs to over 1000 different people in one evening.

What is your favorite past time activity?

Can I say training? I’m also a very social introvert, so being with friends and meeting new people is awesome. And of course, Game of Thrones.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m good at freezing, but I like hugs!

Fun fact about yourself most of your friends wouldn’t know.

Once I spontaneously decided to hichhike from Mosjøen to Alta. It was a 1150km long trip, in the middle of the arctic winter. I was wearing summer clothes and barely had any money. I damn near froze to death at some random mountain, but finally made it safe home to the family. They laughed.

If you could teach any random class, which would you chose?

Puppy pilates. It’s like pilates, but there are puppies! Hold your core and try not to get distracted.

If you had a list of things you would love to learn/do/travel to/explore, what would be on top of the list?

I would love to travel someplace warm, like Australia maybe, relying on my skill as a bartender and personal trainer to make a living as I’m travelling. It’s something I plan to do before I settle down too hard. And next big vacation I’m going to hike in some south American jungle.


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