Meet the Pt’s Loyd Georg Færøvik

What is the secret to success?

That is the one question a lot of us ask ourselves at some point or the other, may it be on a personal level or professionally.

Is it the decision to start and the perseverance to keep going or the every day small decision to give it another try, specially on the darkest ones, where it is the hardest to see any purpose in our efforts and endeavors?

We have all come to this one point where we look into what seems oblivion and ask how to move forward from there.

How much of a difference would it have made to you if at this exact moment someone had reached out to offer this little extra self confidence and strength, to take you to that next step and overcome that next hurdle?

Someone that takes great pleasure in seeing you succeed, that involves himself personally and selflessly and takes the biggest pride in seeing you do things you thought you were never capable to.

Someone that not just motivates you, makes you laugh and teaches you how to work your body while expanding your mind, that drags you out of your comfort zone yet manages to make you feel safe and professionally and competently looked after.

His combination of expertise, communication and professional skills, stubbornness, inner strength, his endless portion of humor and liveliness and a whole bunch of life’s up’s and down’s are what create a personality to look up to and to learn from on so many different levels.

Loyd is also the institutional leader of coaching development, a new training system developer with focus on strength and rehabilitation and has the special gift to help his clients find new joy and happiness in training.

The results speak for themselves.

He has managed to turn clients with no background knowledge or previous training experience into national champions, teaching not only techniques from the very basics to the highest level, but through his holistic approach in terms of training in combination with the right nutrition and in learning to understand how physiology works.

Loyd offers not only muscle specialist treatments but also particularly designed training programs and follow-ups, which are currently being requested from all throughout the country, from Kristiansund to Kristiansand.

What is Loyd’s unique selling point you may ask?

Apart from the obvious, the background knowledge and experience of years of training, coaching and studying, in my personal opinions it’s far more than that.

He has managed to bring the fun back to the training.

His attention to detail is impeccable and his broader understanding and creative ways to deal with situations turned him into one of the most respected and recognized figures of personal training, health and fitness in Norway and abroad.

He draws from over 10years experience as the Head Coach of the Stavanger Powerlifting team, coaching positions for the norwegian powerlifter teams in ER-Cup and Arnold Classic USA 2013 and 2014 as well as various national and european championships.

If you have the willingness to learn and grow and help yourself feel better, healthier, more focused and less exhausted and tired, but also want to learn more about Loyd’s passion for movies and sci-fi books and his always entertaining ability to hold on to knowledge of the most pointless and useless things, if you want a good laugh, a great coffee, be social or sometimes simply need that one extra little push or talk, then get in contact with us through our website or send an email directly to or, and of course, feel free to give us a call during working hours on  932 36 265.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to positively impact your future.

Written by th PT Service Team