Meet the Pt’s – Jack Snell followup

Jack Snell is one of our senior personal trainers down in Pt Service Sentrum, he has been working with us for some time and he is a wonderful character.

As most of us we all have special interests regarding fitness and Jack is known for being the running guy, he likes to run and he is very good at it.

He makes the rest of us look lazy when  arrives to work running from home, while the rest of us took the bus or drove.

Jack is also a very good pt and an instructor, he is generous with his smiles and loves to work with people.

He brings the intensity that he uses on himself to class and he is a very good motivator.

People that train with Jack come ready to play, he has a way of making people test their comfort zones with new and interesting training ideas each session.

He has a way of training structured within chaos in many disciplines, not only running, and he takes on clients in all sorts and shapes, at different stages of their training journey; be it as a new beginner or a season pro who is in search of motivation or inspiration.

Jack loves to implement intensity on his strength training, making people sweat while they get stronger… surprisingly, people even thank him for it afterwards!!!

He does not only work those that want to be good at running, he also works with people who want to get strong, fit and conditioned. He is a jack of all trade, training a wide range of clients each with different goals.

His background as a grinder makes him perfect for people that are set on acheiving their goals, he makes sure you follow through and get there.

Once he was caught running a full marathon on a treadmill at Personlig Trener service while watching Netflix… for fun. That’s 42 km while watching a movie.

We asked Jack to tell a little bit of one of his latest trips.

So, earlier this year in March I ran the famous Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon in Urique, Mexico. It is a 50 Mile (80km) ultra marathon that starts in the middle of a canyon in the heart of the Barrancas Del Cobre, climbing up three difficult mountain passes and finishing back in the centre of Urique, a small town full of life, music and dancing. Even though early in the year, the temperatures can reach highs of 35 degrees, so the challenge of 80km gets intensified by the extreme heat. Luckily after running 4000km in 2016, I had a good base of training and beat my record by over 2 hours, finishing 4th of all international runners. It’s an amazing opportunity to run with the Tarahumara, an indigenous tribe made famous by their culture that is deeply engrained in running and sharing the trails with them is a reason I go back year after year

Jack also trained some clients with different goals this year and we asked to tell a little bit of some of the results they managed to create together.

I also train runners who are hoping to conquer any distances, from 5km to ultra-marathon and feel a great satisfaction in seeing their delight at completing a challenge they have set for themselves. Together I trained an ambitious client to run 3-sjøersløp last year, we had 3 months training together and he completed the race in an impressive 2:01; a huge achievement considering the furthest he managed before we trained was 3km. His determination and commitment to the program was the main reason to his accomplishment.

Recently, I trained with a seriously dedicated client who ran Lysefjorden Inn, a 62km trail race from the mouth of Lysefjorden all the way to Lysebotn. He had previously completed 21km but in the middle of June he ran almost three times his farthest distance and with great success. I myself ran the race and it was gruesome, a mental minefield full of constant challenges and difficulties, so I was even more impressed of his achievement after enduring the suffering. It proves that if you put the effort in, you can achieve something which seemed impossible the year before.

Running fuels Jack, but he loves all kinds of fitness even strength training to keep the body strong enough to handle the load of running. To reach a higher level you need a strong body with your strong heart and mind.

Jacks mindset over how he goes towards helping clients.

Although I have trained runners, I also train other ambitious people who wish to make positive changes towards their own personal health goals. My training mentality is simple. ‘You get out what you put in.’ If you are willing to train hard, eat well and stay focused, you will hit your targets. If you want to make a real change to your body, your bad habits or your routine, then turn up each season and be ready to give what you can. If you want to lose weight, get fitter and stronger then come and see me a few times a week and show me what you’ve got. I’m always impressed by the level of diligence and effort clients show me each session and seeing that determination is what makes me enjoy this job the most.


If you have a goal and you think Jack Snell kan help you send a mail to , he is english, but he speaks norwegian fluently.