Meet the Personal trainers – Ruben Wallentinsen

What do you think was the main reason/influence to get you to choose what you are doing today?

As many others here in Stavanger, I used to work in the Oil and Gas industry for over 5 years, however I always felt that something was missing.  I always had a strong desire to work with and along other people, rather than within a corporate environment. That’s when I started to look for opportunities outside the Industry I was in. I ended up quitting my day job to chase 3 separate jobs simultaneously plus started full time studying again for over 4 years.  Having the joy of working with people at the hospital, kommune and with troubled children (vikar) confirmed that this was the right thing to do.

Your catch phrase?

Get it done!

What can you do for the customers?

I am an outdoor lover and can offer various different outdoor trainings, friluftsliv, and everything from adventure tourism to corporate training and team building as well as Nutrition. Through my studies I was able to learn about the science behind weight loss/training/muscle growth etc and I find it very interesting to share a lot of background information and fun facts with my clients.

What are you proud of?

I am very proud to have managed to get through those rather tough years. It was a pretty rough transit from steady stable job to starting a new career but worth all the effort.

I am also thankful to a lot of my colleagues in the oil&gas industry for their constant encouragement and believe in me.

Now looking back, I am proud of this 180degree change in my live.

Your previous achievements – personally and professionally?

My time working with child social services (barnevern) helped me to grow a lot as a person/individual and gain a new perspective, understanding and empathy. My goal is to continue working with people and be able to help and support those around me.

I am also educated at the Norwegian ambulance service

(Regular as well as mental ambulance service).

What is your favorite past time activity?

I am a very active, outdoor loving person and my hobbies include hiking, climbing, hunting, free diving, scuba diving, harpoon (spear-) fishing, high mountain fishing, mountaineering to Friluftsliv -expedition style and of course my African Lion Dog.

 Describe yourself in one sentence.

‘The hungry humble gentle giant that loves tacos.’

Fun fact about yourself most of your friends wouldn’t know. 

I used to practice Olympic rowing

If you could teach any random class, which would you chose?

Thai chi or muay thai.

If you had a list of things you would love to learn/do/travel to/explore, what would be on top of the list?

I would love to travel to all of the pacific islands

Easiest way to contact Ruben is through his Mail;