Meet the Personal Trainers – Jack Snell

What do you think was the main reason/influence to get you to choose what you are doing today?

The main reason I’m doing what I am doing is because of my wife. I met her in Spain when I was studying to be an actor and I changed my direction, moved to Norway and became a PT all for this relationship! Sounds a bit like an american romantic comedy movie, but its true!

Who do you aspire to?

I’ve always looked up to my Dad, because he is mentally and physically tough as nails. He has taught me to push and test my limits and not to just settle through life and take the easy choices. I hope to one day pass this advice on to my own kids, when that day arrives.

Your catch phrase?

Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion – Muhammed Ali

What can you do for the customers?

Lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle and make a lifestyle change. I am the guy to come and see if people want to make a total body transformation and if they are willing to put the hard work and commitment that comes with it.

What are you proud of?

When I set myself a challenge and I complete it. I like to set myself challenges which are slightly out of my reach and real tough, so when I complete them it feels that bit sweeter and the celebratory beer tastes even better.

Your previous achievements -personally and professionally?

I’m a keen ultrarunner. I have completed some 100mile (160km) races, 50mile races (80km) and countless marathons. I have also won a 30hour survival challenge.

I have taught myself Norwegian and Spanish. Right now, I am teaching myself Farsi (Persian). It’s pretty difficult but I love learning languages.

I have written, directed and produced a TV show and am part of an International Award Winning theatre company.

What is your favourite past time activity?

I am a huge football fan. I grew up just outside South London so I am a big Crystal Palace fan. If being a PT didn’t mean working in the evenings, I’d probably play football every day.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Sucker for a challenge.

Fun fact about yourself most of your friends wouldn’t know.

I am a hypnotist. One day when i was about 14, I saw a hypnotism show and thought: I’ve got to be able to do that! So, I read loads of books, taught myself the techniques and on the first time I tried it, It worked. It’s the best party trick ever.

If you could teach any random class, which would you chose?


If you had a list of things you would love to learn/do/travel to/explore, what would be on top of the list?

It would have to be to climb Mt Everest. It is the ultimate challenge and the ultimate achievement. – not sure my mum would be happy with this answer, its pretty dangerous!


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